Offshore Bank Accounts


SABIDO & COMPANY LLP assists clients in their application for personal and/or corporate account with one of Belize’s professional  Offshore banks which facilitates a full range of Offshore Banking Services such as:


  • Bank Account in Euro, US Dollars, Sterling, and Canadian dollars
  • Visa /Master Card –International Credit card enables clients to access funds and purchase items anywhere in the world.
  • Debit Cards – Used anywhere in the world where VISA Card is accepted for purchasing at any merchant and for cash advance at any ATM that accepts Visa Card.
  • Prepaid Cards – A prepaid card is loaded with funds as needed by the card holder.


An Offshore Bank Account in a jurisdiction like Belize better facilitates client’s international banking transaction in a safe and secure environment.

To better assist clients in applying for an Offshore Bank Account and avoid possible delays in opening the account we ask that the client provide the below listed information to complete the Bank application form for revision and approval.


  • Detailed Description of company Business/main activities
  • Bank Reference
  • Professional Reference
  • Estimated monthly deposit and withdrawal
  • Copy of Signatory’s passport and utility bill
  • Name and address of Signatory
  • Declaration of Source of Funds
  • Initial Deposit


It normally takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks before an account is approved.  The minimum deposit to open an Offshore Bank Account is US$1000.00.  After the account has been approved client receives a confirmation email from the bank detailing client’s account number and wiring instructions for the client to submit initial deposit within 30 days of approval to activate their account.